Applebee's Restaurant Support Center

Since opening its first restaurant in 1980, Applebee’s has been a popular family restaurant that has emphasized its “neighborhood” dining experience. The grid of a typical neighborhood inspired the concept of assembling small blocks to create a larger composition. To execute the concept, sets of steel-framed grids were installed in public and private spaces throughout the headquarters to create a flexible, yet static format. Acrylic inlays in the grids hold images and colors that can be customized and interchanged easily. The office’s three-story stairwell in the entry features iconic brand elements along with milestones in Applebee’s history, bringing the vibrant and exciting history of the Applebee's “neighborhood” to the corporate office in an engaging way. The new refresh has been so successful and well-received, it is now being rolled out as part of the new restaurant prototype decor.

DineEquity, Inc. (Overland Park, KS)

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