H&R Block
Heritage Wall

To celebrate the history of H&R Block and its founders, the design team created an exhibition that includes historical images and milestones, display cases for artifacts and built-in iPads housing interactive content. The challenge was to create an immersive, experience within a small space. The designers decided to push deeper into the existing, flat wall and create space by incorporating stacked “building blocks” that would house the content. Halftoned imagery and type is printed on wood veneer to give the space a warm, historic feel. Printed aluminum on the two highlighted images offer a clean contrast as opposed to the printed wood finish. Each panel is flexible and can be removed for future revisions. Interactive elements allow visitors to gain a hands-on appreciation for the rich history of H&R Block and to examine the lasting impact the organization has had on the surrounding Kansas City community.

H&R Block (Kansas City, MO)