The best way to start your day is with a smile. The IHOP dining experience is fun, fresh and upbeat. We wanted to reflect this in IHOP’s new brand design. The primary logo is an evolution of IHOP’s iconic identity. It is no longer limited to residing in a box, which gives it more flexibility. The bold, geometric letterforms have been updated but still retain their friendly charm. They are complimented by a red smile, the international symbol for happiness. At a glance, people everywhere know that IHOP is the place to go for fresh food that’ll make them smile!

Supporting visuals include a set of symbols that reference the International House of Pancakes (and breakfast, of course) and a smile dot pattern. A new corporate identity system, carry-out packaging, seven sub-brand logos and other print materials were designed as well. The design team developed a thorough brand standards manual that clearly outlines all things related to IHOP’s new brand.

AIGA KC A11 Award, 2015
Published in Adweek, Wired, Paste, Quartz, Fast Company, Paste and many other media outlets

International House of Pancakes (Various locations)

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